Dolls are Creepy / Hepolöysä: Hepodolls are Creepylöysä kasetti


Avantgardistinen syntetisaattorikaksikko Hepolöysä ja Dolls are Creepy ovat yhdistäneet musiikilliset ja taiteelliset voimansa tälle häkellyttävälle splittikasetille, jonka mukana tarjoillaan 22- sivuinen kansitaidevihkonen.

I bought this on cassette in a comic fair. This speaks a lot about the whole recording.”

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A: Dolls Are Creepy

A1 Intro
A2 I’m Taking a Leak While I’m Running
A3 Little Ponies
A5 Bubble Bobble (feat. HPLS)
A6  Peach Beach
A7 Fennel Juice (feat. HPLS)
A8 I Don’t Know
A9 Floating Garden
A10 Don’t Forget Me Johnny
A11 Death Rally                                                                                        A12 Mysterious Mr. Horse  (feat. HPLS)
A13 Little Finger
A14 Nervous Breakdown (feat. HPLS)

B: Hepolöysä

B1 Muhammed Dali
B2 Schoop Poop Bang
B3 German Lover
B4 Magician’s Mortal Sin
B5 Mystic Getaway
B6 Cowboy of Self-Destruction
B7 Idiot’s Birthday
B8 Carnival Gigolo With a Goose
B9 Mocks of Chainsmoking in the Dark
B10 Fanfare for the Fairyman
B11 Metromania
B12 Bongovideo
B13 Molotov Love
B14 You Stupid Dancing Like an Idiot
B15 Clouds Escaping From Above of the Horror Forest
B16 Churchmaniac With a Drill (feat. DAC)
B17 What’s Wrong With My Coffee?
B18 Pakaa Jungle
B19 Support the Troops of Dolls
B20 Night Falls on the Beach at Redpoint
B21 The Slide of Galerbu
B22 Crazy Ballad Machine
B23 Burning Piano at Ibiza Beach
B24 Sing A’lalala Long (feat. DAC)
B25 Smashing Perfection of Mosquitos
B26 Silverfang Horsedoll
B27 What’s Saab, Man?
B28 Turkey Monitors From Beyond
B29 Slang Bang
B30The Marsettes
B31 Space Gang of Holes
B32 Wavy Train
B33 Fucked Up Toilet Businezz
B34 Donkeydoll
B35 Big Dalai Mama
B36 DAC Dream Nation (feat. DAC)
B37 Behold the Great Orangutan Saw Off!


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