H.C. Slim: Sings LP


Rural legend and outsider folk artist H.C Slim had amassed quite a catalog of original songs he’s demoed on a tape recorder, deep in the Eastern Finnish countryside. Over the years cassettes and CDRs began to circulate with original copies selling for high prices, before Svart Records drove out to his remote cabin to offer Slim a deal for his debut album.

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Osasto: Avainsanat tuotteelle ,



Boat By The Sea
The City Is Burning
Five Maiden
Come My Love
I Saw A Man
Sweet Virgin Mary
Keep Your Eyes On The Road
Wheels of Judgement
I Obeyed A Heavenly Vision
Over River Jordan


Julkaisija: Svart Records







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Mitat 32.5 × 32.5 × 0.5 cm