Kadonnut Manner: Finnish Primitive Guitar VOL 4 LP


The fourth album of hand built finnish fingerpicked instrumental guitar music by Kadonnut Manner.


Recorded in the second half of 2022, two years after the artist moved up north to Rovaniemi, the city on the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, and also after a 64 show European tour from March to May ’22 that helped to hone the music to the final form heard on the album.
The album includes ten tracks, one traditional finnish folk piece for kantele from the 18th century arranged for guitar and 9 original compositions. One acoustic guitar in five differrent open tunings, single guitar track and no extra trickery. The overall mood is bit more sombre than on the previous albums, but there are definite glimpses of light and hope spread throughout the record too.
Graphic design by Antti Alanko
Cover cyanotype artwork by Tomas De Rita.
The album is co-released by the labels Jukan Musiikki, Hillotehdas and Creative Class War (Finland), Ramble Records (Australia) and Haerverkindustrier (Norway) and it is available as a LP, CD and digital download.



Kadonnut Manner – Finnish Primitive Guitar Vol. 4
LP + insert
Pyrstötähti Wirtanen
Yön kähmyrässä
Pyhä Urho karkottaa heinäsirkat Suomen viinitarhoista
Liejukäärmeitä ja eläviä sieniä
Karhu katsoo kaltioon
Tulppion Tisko
Lapin ja lannan rajalla
Nestor Mahnon haamu, osa 3
Merkurius vetäytyy


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Mitat 32.5 × 32.5 × 0.5 cm