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Based in Jyväskylä, Finland, Keijo Virtanen is somewhat of a legend in the Finnish psych scene. His music is often based in ambient and drone, and incorporates – beside of electronic devices – weird traditional folk instruments from around the world. Keijo is also renowned for his throat singing skills, plus – when he’s not throat singing and actually forming words – a strong, nasal voice that makes his songs unique and bizarre. His roots and influences are traditional world music, American Appalachian folk, jazz – and drone. This book offers a representative collection of those ”actually formed words” – 200+ pages of Keijo-in-writing, introduced by ”liner notes” from colleagues from around the world, compiled by Juri Joensuu.”When I look across the road, where it can take, I see something blue. And I cannot get that view off of my mind. It’s like a flavor or a taste in the memory. It makes me to look for it, to get there, where to get some of it, there where its producer is, or rather, where that maker is going. On the road.” – Keijo

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