Målgrupp: Rotera 7″


Målgrupp’s modus operandi is live reel-to-reel tape recorder sound experimenting. Their collages consist of field recordings and pre-recorded sounds that are relayed and manipulated into rhythms and soundscapes heard from the inside of the wallpaper, dancing down the hallway or balancing on the tension of a bridge. Objects and instruments can be heard in a distant echo of punk music, stripping off everything but the silence, soberly listening to every vibration expressing itself in an unlimited space. All through Målgrupp’s music, one can hear the handicraft behind it, their masterful tape manipulating process could be described as electronic sound sculpturing. On ”Rotera” they have made the compositions more minimalistic by working with only two sound sources at a time.


Osasto: Avainsanat tuotteelle ,



1. Blås Upp Dina Drömmar i Ballonger Och Knyt Dem På Tårna
2. Vika Ihop / Kompromissa
3. Ge De Ett År
4. O-Form / Jag Bar
5. Dra Ut Tänderna, Håll Dem i Händerna
6. För All Tid i(n i) Flödet

Julkaisija: Artsy Records

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Mitat 18.5 × 18.5 × 0.50 cm