Cem Karaca – Nem Kaldı? LP


Gatefold LP version. Cem Karaca announces his intent to slay all enemies of Istanbul’s leftist counterculture with stompin’ prog keyboards. Sophisticated and passionate, with flamboyant taste in sunglasses, Cem Karaca led Istanbul’s music fans through a period of violent political turmoil. Karaca reworked traditional folk lyrics with molten electric bass lines that played up both a poet’s broiling righteousness and also his listeners’ common ground with their elders in Turkey’s history. 1975’s Nem Kaldi? gathers more ’60s-’70s singles that lead the listener through Karaca’s own musical history, skipping across various collaborations. Sink deeper into the intrigue both musical & otherwise as fractious personnel changes & real-life assassins multiply, yet the double-time drums & badass synthesizer schwings pound on.

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A1 Nem Kaldı
A2 Unutamadığım
A3 Oy Babo
A4 Adsız
A5 Baba
A6 Oy Bana Bana

B1 Namus Belası
B2 İhtarname
B3 O Leyli
B4 Muhtar
B5 Gurbet
B6 Kendim Ettim Kendim Buldum


Julkaisija: Pharaway Sounds




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