Marika Politissa – All Parts Dark LP


Marika ”Politissa” Frantzeskopoulou was a Greek singer from Constantinople, reknowned for her precise, fluid and graceful performances and depth of feeling. Backed by some of the best musicians of the era on lyra, violin, oud, kanonaki and guitar, Marika’s repertoire and techniques drew from Byzantine and Ottoman musical traditions. She possessed an ability to devastate her audience through her expressions of grief, exile, and tragic love, running the gamut of cafe aman, torch songs, lilting and fragile odes to heartache, heavy Piraeus style rebetika, and ecstatic Near-Eastern climaxes, all with a visceral sense of atmosphere, emotion, and fatalism. Marika’s voice is complimented beautifully by her backing musicians, creating a pulsing acoustic foundation over which her voice soars with clarity and purpose.

LP version includes a 12 page color booklet with rare photographs, full lyrics, and extensive notes (Bandcamp version includes booklet in PDF format). Produced in collaboration with Tony Klein (Greek Rhapsody, Mortika) and Stavros Kourousis (From Tambouras to Bouzouki) and co-released by Olvido Records (A. Kostis, Alexis Zoumbas).


Osasto: Avainsanat tuotteelle ,



A1 Νιαβέντ Μανές = Niavent Manes
A2 Η Καμωματού = I Kammomatou
A3 Ματζόρε Μανές = Matzore Manes
A4 Δεν Με Τουμπάρεις = Den Me Toumbaris
A5 Όλα Τα Μέρη Σκοτεινά = Ola Ta Meri Skoteina
A6 Σ’ Ένα Γλέντι Τα ’μπλεξα = S’ Ena Glenti Ta Mplexa

B1 Αρνάκι = Arnaki
B2 Πεισματάρικο = Peismatariko
B3 Τζιβαέρι Μανές = Tzivaeri Manes
B4 Μοσταάρ Μανές = Moustaar Manes
B5 Ραστ Μανές = Rast Manes
B6 Νινί Μανές = Nini Manes
Julkaisija: Mississippi Records





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