Oiro Pena / Jooklo Sextet split 7” (2nd pressing)


Antti Vauhkonen’s one-man-show Oiro Pena hops on his typical deeply spiritual train with “Jazzpelle”. The title takes its strength from the insult that Finnish jazzers have gotten used to hear from less sophisticated lips. Jooklo Sextet’s psychedelic flip shares many qualities with quality hardcore punk from its 2 minute duration to the rawness of the performance. Grown from a duo to quartet and now all the way to a sextet, the Jooklos give us their everything with an energy that would probably make pops Charlie proud.

-Markus Karlqvist


Osasto: Avainsanat tuotteelle , ,



A. Oiro Pena – Oiro Pena – Jazzpelle

B. Jooklo Sextet – Jooklo Sextet – LSD Mingus Post Blackout


Julkaisija: Ultraääni






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Mitat 18.5 × 18.5 × 0.50 cm