Various artists: Light & Sound Of Mogadishu LP


Compilation of songs from Somali artists released on the small Light & Sound label imprint in the seventies. A unique blend of funky and trad grooves with unique voicing. Vinyl is limited to 1000 copies! Comes in deluxe packaging with inner sleeve and the full L&S story with pictures and background information on the artists. Remastered from mint original vintage 45 rpm vinyl singles. First compilation of it’s kind with this audio quality, no cassette fidelity here!  Must have for DJ’s, rare groove collectors and fans of music from Africa

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A1 Sharero Band: Sharero 75
A2 Sharero Band: Yaan Cuskanaa
A3 Sharero Band: Caashooy
A4 Sharero Band: Sharero

B1 Ahmed Rabsha, Hibbo Nuura: Bohol You
B2 Magool: Wa´ly Sita
B3 Magool: Shimbir Yohou
B4 Magool: Jacil Dheeg Malago Qury

Julkaisija: Jazzaggression Records




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