Various artists – Sticks Over My Shoulder LP


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A1 John Lee Ziegler – Used To Be Mine But Now Look Who Got Her Now
A2 William Robertson – Love Blues
A3 Jim Bunkley – Old Red #2
A4 John Lee Ziegler – Poor Boy
A5 Jimmy Lee Williams – Hoot Your Belly Give Your Backbone Ease
A6 James Davis – James Boogie

B1 Jimmy Lee Williams – Have You Ever Seen Peaches Grow On A Sweet Potato Vine
B2 William Robertson – Hoochie Coochie Wagon
B3 John Lee Ziegler – If I Lose Let Me Lose
B4 Jimmy Lee Williams – Baby Please Don’t Go
B5 James Davis – Good Morning Little School Girl
B6 Jim Bunkley – The Howlin’ Wolf
Julkaisija: Mississippi Records





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