Various – The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol II 2xLP


Outernational Records is pleased to announce the third volume of this legendary series is now available on the vinyl format. This series of archival 78 transfers was originally released in 1995 on CD only. Now for the first time on vinyl, a deluxe gatefold presentation and limited edition pressing. Reissue produced by Hisham Mayet (Sublime Frequencies) in conjunction with Yazoo Records. Compiled here are many of the greatest performances of world and ethnic music ever recorded. This volume represents a trip around the world, stopping at each port to sample one of that country’s finest recordings of its indigenous music. Each of these recordings was captured at a period during the golden age of recording when traditional styles were at their peak of power and emotion. Included inside are extensive notes and beautiful period photographs that work together with the music to communicate an exciting sense of discovery. Early 20th century recordings from Poland, Spain, China, Angola, Turkey, Mongolia, Russia, the Congo, and elsewhere, compiled by archivist Pat Conte.

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Esittäjät ja kappaleet:

–Hope Fountain Native Girls’ Choir
Matabeleland: Indaba YomkontoLeader – Lily Kumalo

–A. Mirzaeva
Samarcand: Dilbar

–Makowska Orkiestra Dzialowego
Poland: Flisak

–”Cuchichi” José Menéndez*
Spain: La Virgen De Covadonga

–Wei Chung Loh
China: Parting At Yang Kwan

–Georgios Trakis*
Epirus: Ta Magia Sto Pegadi

–Ngigi León Nkenkete
Angola: Kidiménkazándi Kuna Ngombe

–Vidwan Rajamanikkam
India: Inthakannananda

–Aristoff Choir
Russia: Vdol Po Piterskoi; Veisia, Veisia Kapoustka

–Hamiyet Yüceses
Turkey: Bakmiyor Çesmi Siyah

–Unknown Artist
Lukachukai, Arizona: Yebitchai

–Chimiddorzh Ghanzhuryin
Mongolia: Gunan Kor

–Grupo Dominicano
Dominica: Buen HumorLeader – Enrique Garcia

–Jean Kalafayi
Congo: Nalimbisi Yo

–A. Dobrohotov
Russia: Kamarinskaja

–Thayelo Kapiye Trio
Nyasaland: Mai Wanga AnadiuzaLeader – Thayelo Kapiye

–Maung Su
Burma: Moe Pau Ko Phan (Flower Of Heaven)

–”Canto Di Soldati”*
Tuscany: Verrá Quel Di Di Lune… (The Day Will Come)

–Iran Dowleh Helen
Persia: Byyatt Turk

–Elsie Avril
England: Running Set

–Kendon Grupi
Albania: O Ju Male Me Debore

–Unknown Artist
Laos: Soutsanenh

–Khomais Ternan & Mohammed Kadri
Tunisia: Raks Fazani

–Fly River Singers
Kiwai Island: Lugger Song


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